КТП 2 класс Иностранный язык

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КТП 2 класс Иностранный язык

Welcome back! Starter 4
Revision: words to describe people, numbers 1 -20, family, colours, toys, days of the week

Extra: welcome back, learning, end (v), bump, down, week, white, black

I’ve got brown hair. This is my cousin. He’s got green eyes. Where’s Billy? Is he under the bed? There is… There are… Listening: identifying people from their descriptions (listening for specific information)
Speaking: She’s got curly hair. His name’s James. How many… ? What colour… ? (describing people’s appearance; introducing yourself and other people; talking about objects)
Understanding and respecting differences between people

Our new things 1 6 School things
Core: classroom, table, computer, peg, pencil case, board, poster, picture, drawers, cupboard

Extra: whiteboard, Wow!, this, that, these, those, what, have a look, work(n), game, touch, knee, feet, bright, wall, sit, with, swimming pool
This / That is…

These / those are… Review of the alphabet & initial sounds Reading: a description (reading a text describing pictures; reading for specific words)
alphabet and initial
Listening: identifying people and objects from their description (numbering items in the correct order)
Speaking: How many… ? There are… (asking and answering questions about a picture) Writing: capitalization; Workbook – writing about my classroom (guided writing)
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