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СОЧ за 2 четверть Английский язык 10 класс

20 ноя 2023, 12:41
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Суммативное оценивание за 2 четверть «Английский язык» 10 класс

Summative assessment (SA) is aimed to assess learners’ success in terms of the learning objectives achievement and reveal their level of knowledge and skills acquired during the term within the framework of updating the upper secondary education content. Specification describes the content and procedure for the delivery of the Summative Assessment for term in «The English language» in Grade 11. Subject Programme for «The English language» for 10-11 grades of upper secondaryeducation of the Natural-Mathematical direction on the updated content.

The structure of the summative assessment
This sample of Summative Assessment consists of 14 questions: listening, reading, writing and speaking. Different types of tasks are used in the summative assessment for term.
Listening – multiple matching task on the topic «Investigate and report on animal world: bats, eagles, bees and dolphins».
Reading – multiple choice task and open-ended questions in an extended text on the topic «Making connection in biology».
Writing – writing an article on the topics «Making connection in biology» and/or «Investigateand report on animal world: bats, eagles, bees and dolphins».
Speaking – explaining, justifying own and others’ point of view to open-ended questions while describing pictures in pairs on the topics «Making connection in biology» and/or «Investigate and report on animal world: bats, eagles, bees and dolphins».
Tapescript for listening task can be found in CD3 Tapescript 1. Transcript for listening task can be found after the mark scheme.

СОЧ за 2 четверть Английский язык 10 класс 

Tasks for the Summative Assessment for term 2
Task. Listen to Mia and Ryan talking about computer games. Answer the questions 1-3 while you
listen to the recording. Listen and decide who these ideas belong to. Write Mia or Ryan in the
spaces provided. CD3 Tapescript 1.
1. Does not find strategy games interesting. _________ [1]
2. Considers the game good for collaboration. __________ [1]
3. Enjoys playing a game that involves imagination and pleasant experiences.______ [1]
4. Does not find the game violent. _________ [1]
5. Thinks that Final Fantasy checks your ability of playing. ____________ [1]
Task. Complete the sentence according to what you hear.
6. Mia and Ryan agree that they both enjoy playing __________________________ [1]
Total [6]
What are biofuels?
1. The use of biological material (biomass) as a fuel or lighting material is not new; the
earliest evidence for humans using wood for fires is at Gesher Benot Ya'aqov in Israel, 790,000
years ago. However, concern over the impact that the burning of fossil fuels is potentially having on
the climate has resulted in renewed interest in biofuels. The difference between fossil fuels and
biofuels is that fossil fuels were produced millions of years ago when plants and other organisms
died, became buried and were subjected to high temperatures and pressures forming coal, oil or
natural gas. Biofuels, on the other hand, are produced from biological
material that has been living recently. There are a number of ways in
which biofuels can be produced.
2. Some biofuels can be produced from waste material, such as
recycled plant oils, whilst others can be produced from plants
specially grown for the purpose. Both liquid and gaseous forms of
biofuels can be produced from crops that either have a high sugar
content, such as sugar cane or sugar beet, or contain starch that can
be converted into sugars, such as maize. Plants containing high levels
of plant oils, such as oil palm or soybean, can also be used. Wood
and its by-products can be converted into a variety of biofuels.
Task. Which paragraph contains the following information? Write Paragraph 1 or 2 next to the
sentences below.
1. The main ways in which humans use biofuels __________ [1]
2. Fuels can give energy to humans _________ [1]
3. The main difference between fossils and biofuels __________ [1]
4. The main ways biofuels can be produced _________ [1]
Task. Mark the sentences True or False.
5. Biofuels are possible to produce by converting recycled plant materials. ________ [1]
6. It is not possible to convert trees into a type of biofuels.________

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