СОР СОЧ 2 класс Английский язык Summative Assessment


Summative Assessment for the term 1
Task 1. Learners listen to teacher’s instruction and colour the picture
  • Colour the boy’s shorts red.
  • Colour the girl’s dress yellow.
  • Colour the boy’s T-shirts blue.
  • Colour the girl’s boots green.

Task 2.
Read the text and answer the questions.

These are cows. They are black and white. They say moooooo! They like to eat grass. We like to drink their milk. They have two horns on their head. They live on a farm.

1.What are these animals? ___________________________________________

2. What sound do cows make?_________________________________________

3. What do they like to eat?____________________________________________

4.Where do cows live?________________________________________________

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