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СОЧ за 1 четверть по Английскому языку 10 класс (ЕМН)

03 окт 2023, 17:34
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Суммативное оценивание за 1 четветь по Английскому языку 10 класс (ЕМН)

Review of summative assessment for term 1 «The English language», Grade 10

Duration of the summative assessment – 40 minutes
Listening – 10 minutes
Reading – 10 minutes
Writing – 20 minutes
Speaking task is conducted separately.
Total marks- 24
The structure of the summative assessment
This sample of Summative Assessment consists of 14 questions: listening, reading, writing
and speaking. Different types of tasks are used in the summative assessment for term.
Listening – True/False task on the topic «Science and Scientific Phenomena».
Reading – multiple choice task on the topic «Science and Scientific Phenomena».
Writing – writing a newspaper article on the topics «Science and Scientific Phenomena» and «Natural Disasters». Speaking – making an individual speech on the topics «Science and Scientific Phenomena» and «Natural Disasters». Transcript for listening task can be found after the mark scheme.

СОЧ 1 четверть по Английскому языку 10 класс (ЕМН)

Tasks for the Summative Assessment for term 1
Task. Listen to the tape and write if the information is True (T) or False (F).
Follow the link below to listen the audio (listen until 2.06) http://b779011024006a6071c1-
1. Only about one tenth of the cells in your body are bacteria. _______ [1]
2. Bacteria are mostly helpful. _______ [1]
3. Animals need bacteria to digest food. _______ [1]
4. You have 7 million cells in your body. _______ [1]
5. Most of the atoms are empty. _______ [1]
6. Most of the atoms are tiny circles. _______ [1]
Total [6]
Read the article about scientific researches about volcanoes and complete the task below.
Collecting Information about Volcanoes Is Difficult
For most volcanoes, we don’t know enough. The last time volcano Agung erupted was in
1963. That was before we had all the tools we have today to measure it. Mount Pinatubo in the
Philippines erupted in 1991. Before that, it had not erupted for 500 years. In 1991, two months of
changes came before the eruption. Ash burst from the top. The volcano's shape changed.
Earthquakes were bigger. They also happened more often. We know more about Mount St. Helens
volcano in the U.S. Scientists have watched it for many years. They can now make good
predictions about it. They know that if there are small earthquakes happening it will erupt in two
weeks. We don’t know exactly what Agung volcano did before its 1963 eruption. These events
could mean an eruption is coming in two weeks. Or, it could be months or even years.
Correct Predictions Are Important
Today, we use satellites to study volcanoes. Satellites give scientists a good look at the
volcano from space. They can’t give smaller details, though. Satellites usually only pass over a
given volcano once every week or two. The other tools we use cost a lot of money. We cannot have
them everywhere. Predicting volcanic eruptions correctly is very important. If it erupts before
people leave, they could die. They need to know before it happens. What if they leave and the
volcano doesn’t erupt? That can be a different problem. This happened in Mammoth Mountain,
California, in 1984. People stopped visiting. It cost money for everyone to leave. The community
lost millions of dollars. The eruption never happened. To predict eruptions correctly, we need to
know about each volcano. Without that, we have to compare with other volcanoes. Nothing beats
really getting to know each volcano, though.
(Tracy K.P. Gregg is a professor of geology at the State University of New York at Buffalo.)
Task. Read and choose the best answer A, B, C or D.
1. What do scientists know about Mount St. Helens volcano? [1]
A) Small earthquakes will cause eruption.
B) The shape of the volcano is changed.
C) The last earthquakes were bigger.
D) The last eruption was 500 years ago.


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